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Double Fightstick

Buy Two Player FightStick For Raspberry Pi and RetroPie

Start with adding 4xM2.5 standoffs and nuts to the Raspberry PI.

Secure it to the base panel using 4xM2.5 screws.

Secure the two USB encoders with M2 screws and nuts.

Connect all buttons and Joysticks.

Add wires to all buttons. Polarity doesn’t matter for buttons, you can connect the two pins either way.

Secure the Joystick with 4 M3x12 screws, nuts and washers.

Joystick wiring. Make sure to connect the joystick in the correct way(shown in the image below), otherwise only one direction will work.

Add the 12 30mm buttons to the top panel.

Add the four 24mm Select and Start buttons.

Add the dual USB extension.

Secure all panels together with M3 screws and nuts. Do not over tighten them – acrylic is fragile.

Start with the back panel.

Add the left and right panels.

Add the support panels.

Connect extension USB.

Add the front panel.

Connect the USB encoders.

Connect all wires as shown in the images below.

You can map the buttons any way you like. The only important thing is to connect both sides exactly the same as they will share one config file. Once again make sure you plug the joystick in the right orientation.

Place the top panel and secure it with M3 screws and nuts. Place the fightstick on top of a table to check if it’s wobbly, if it’s not twist the panels util it lays flat on the surface and then tighten all screws.

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